BFF Urns brings to you beautiful hand crafted urns for your beloved pets. 

We are dedicated to making quality products and helping others at their time of loss.  Our traditional urns are made of solid maple, cherry, and red oak, with a variety of high quality finishes. Our unique line of tube urns are solid pressed wood with a finished veneer. We offer a variety of hardwood veneers, and solid hardwood endcaps. 


Mike and Tracey offer their understanding and compassion for all that you are going through.  

Meet The Owners

Mike has rescued several pets and has a special place in his heart for birds.  Along with his love for pets, Mike works for a pet hospice, and helps console many of the pet owners and understands first hand just how every pet becomes a treasured member of the family.  Prior to working in the hospice, Mike was involved in furniture finshing for over 35 years, including running his own business, and honed his skills with finishes. 

Tracey adds her many years of business experience, and her love of animals and woodworking. She grew up in New England, with many cats, dogs , ducks and geese! At one point in her life, she was involved in a small business representing many local wood craftsmen, and has tried her hand at refinishing and painting old pieces of furniture. She admires the artistry involved in woodworking.  

Mike Auger
Tracey Newton



    Virginia Beach, Virginia

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